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The objective of your resume is to get an interview. It must be clear, concise, informative and visually attractive to the reader. Resumes are used to exclude candidates. Do not let yours exclude you.

Do not provide references, reasons for leaving a previous position or salary information on your resume. (A good recruiter will do reference checks and negotiate an appropriate salary for you.) Also, do not supply false or personal information.

Use a laser printer for printing resume. Strive to limit length to two or three pages, but do not make it so short that you exclude vital information. Avoid using fonts smaller than 10.

Email or Fax a copy of resume and references (on a separate sheet) to Berry & Associates. (We will not forward your resume to a potential employer without your permission.) Faxing a high quality original results in a more attractive document for the fax recipient.

Print five copies of your resume and reference list on high quality resume paper for taking to interviews. Ivory, white or gray paper with or without slight flecks is ideal.


Action Words: Built, doubled, tripled, achieved, expanded, reduced, increased, directed, served, generated, established, consolidated, created, transformed, saved, designed, developed, conducted, initiated, maintained, improved, worked, wrote, invested, created, redesigned, etc.

Your areas of expertise:

Quality Patient Care
CareBudgeting & Operations
Strategic Planning
Program Development
Regulatory Compliance
Physician Relations
Nursing Model Transitions
Mother-Baby Couplet Care

Remember, potential employers want to see what you have done in the past, which will allow you to help them in the future. Ensure you do not merely list your past jobs and responsibilities. Tell them what you accomplished, including concrete results of your actions. Read the Sample resume for more useful information.

For additional information and advice on preparing your resume
contact the Berry & Associates Recruitment Team:

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