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Advantages in using the professional recruiters at
Berry & Associates to find your perfect job
  • No Candidate Fees. We have agreements with client organizations all across the nation authorizing us to present candidates and collect our fee from the client. The majority are hospitals and health care systems and all our opportunities involve positions in women's, maternal/child, neonatal and pediatric health care services.

  • Clarify the real needs and goals for each position through multiple interviews with hiring manager(s). Our knowledge of the market allows us to dig deeper than the glossy advertisements used to attract employees. We inquire about the challenges to be overcome, management styles, personality issues, realistic salary ranges and other key information often difficult to express in a job description and share this information with you.

  • Identify, Contact, Qualify and Screen potential candidates. Information we compile for a position is shared with those we have identified as potential candidates. The decision to pursue an opportunity is yours not ours. Together, we will determine if the position can meet your salary expectations and verify that you have the qualifications required and have a genuine interest.

  • Confidentially determine the Client's interest in you. Without revealing your name or any confidential information about you, we will promote your skills, qualifications and accomplishments directly to the decision-makers. You skip being "screened" by HR and exposing that you are "looking". We re-verify the salary range and job challenges to make certain you don't waste time interviewing for a position below your salary requirements or challenge criteria.

  • Mutual Interest. Once both you and the client commit to having a sincere mutual interest in proceeding, we will forward your resume to the client and arrange for you to telephone interview with one of the key decision makers.

  • Provide Feedback. We encourage our candidates to contact us as soon as possible after each interview so we have the candidate's feedback to share with the client. If you are enthused about the position we can make certain the client knows it and be prepared to overcome any objections the client may have after the telephone interview. In addition, we will provide you with valuable feedback from the client.

  • Arrange On-site Interviews and assist you in presenting yourself positively.

  • Contact Your References. With your permission, we will contact your references at the appropriate time in the process. Most employers require satisfactory references as a contingency to offer of employment. References from your current employer are not contacted until the time an offer acceptable to you is made. We do everything possible to keep your search confidential.

  • Employment Offers. We will work with you in negotiating a fair package you will be pleased with. You avoid the uncomfortable position of trying to negotiate directly with those you will work with.

  • Follow up and assist as needed to assure your transition goes smoothly and you are pleased with your new position. We have a lifetime commitment to our candidates and clients by helping both make excellent employment selections.


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